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dentures, implants, partials
Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures provide the means to restore not only your missing teeth but also the facial supports and contours.  Precision Dentures allow the Denturist to record the precise measurements and functions of your jaw to create a set of dentures that will allow you to eat better, speak better and smile better.  Just like a fingerprint each precision denture is custom set to your specifications, unique like you!  Your appointment will allow you the opportunity to customize the features of your smile like tooth positioning, shape and color. 

dentures, smile, partials, implants
Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures can be made from a variety of materials and will allow patients missing a few teeth to fill in the spaces to complete their smile.  Depending on the treatment you require and your goals we can provide high quality:

  • Cast Metal Partials

  • Acrylic Partials

  • Flexible Base Partials

Partials are a great way to also temporarily fill missing teeth when you are going through treatment such as dental implants which sometimes can not be completed in a short period of time.

dentures, partials, implants, sores, relines, repairs
Repairs and Relines

It never fails, you have an event planned and the unthinkable happens, your denture breaks!  Our office can help.  We can provide FAST repair service the same day- no going without your teeth!  We can also examine the cause of your break and offer solutions to prevent future mishaps.

Relines are a way to refit your dentures to your smaller gums.  This will provide a better fit, better retention and more comfort.  We offer complimentary yearly exams to access the fit and function of your dentures and should you require a reline we can also provide this service in a day.  No one wants to be without their smile and we will make sure that you won't!

white teeth, smile, dentures, partials, pictures
Tooth Whitening

You don't have to avoid those photos or hide unsightly discolorations on your teeth.  Our custom tooth whitening service gives you safe, fast amazing results, in the comfort of your home.  You will be fitted with customized trays to deliver effective whitening products which can dramatically lighten tooth color.  We also offer products specifically formulated for people with mild to moderate sensitivity.  In less than a week you can have your photo ready smile!

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