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Implant Retained Dentures


Sometimes it can be diffiucult to keep your dentures from moving.  As the conditions change in your mouth it may be time to consider dental implants as the treatment to truly restore function.  Dental implants help to prevent further bone loss and give you the confidence that your dentures are not going to shift in your mouth.  Your Denturist will discuss and demonstrate how dental implants can provide you with the freedom to eat what you want. 


Teeth In a Day

This is a treatment option where you can have your dental implants placed and permanent denture teeth secured in one appointment.  This option allows you to not have to wait for 6 months and you have a permanently attached bridge that functions like natural teeth. 


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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards help protect and prevent trauma to natural teeth.  Ideally these are worn when playing any type of sports where contact, fall or injury could occur.  The mouth guard acts to absorb the impact forces to prevent tooth fracture, jaw fracture, and concussions.  These are to be replaced when worn or when children grow and have new teeth erupt.  These are custom fit and provide insurance that you will be able to enjoy your sports and go home with a full smile at the end of the game!

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Our Gift to you!

As part of our commitment to your treatment we have included services  like annual check ups, cleanings and no wait adjustments.  Your oral care deserves to be monitored to give your smile the longevity you want.  We work directly with your Dentist and Dental Hygienist to ensure that all aspects of your dental treatment are providing you with the best possible care.  There are times when your general health affects how your dentures fit and function.  Don't sit in silence, call to book an appointment  and we will look to find a solution. 

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