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What does my dental plan cover?

Understanding your dental benefits can be confusing. Most insurance companies require estimates to know what procedure you are having done and how much your practitioner is charging for the service. What can be difficult is understanding the response your insurance sends back. Some plans will have deductibles, reduced rates of payment, yearly maximums or need additional information sent before payment is made. Your Denturist can review these documents with you to break down the complexity of knowing what the bottom line will be.

In general plans that have denture coverage will pay 50% of the fees. Typically they will cover the patient from January to December before they renew again. They will replace existing dentures once every 5 years and have set times for how frequent you can get services like repairs or relines. Your information between you and your insurance is not always given to your practitioner. Privacy policies restrict insurance companies from discussing your personal information. Talking to your Denturist is the best way to ensure you get the most from your plan.

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